Take A Break From Leaving The Country By Booking Boutique Hotels In Cotswolds

Taking a break from the daily grind is always something to look forward to. Most people set their sights on a sandy beach to soak up the Mediterranean sun and recharge the batteries; but ironically often say that they come back needing a holiday. All the hustle and bustle of airports and passports, travel insurance and immunisations can turn taking a break into a major mission. With the new credit crunch well under way, people are beginning to discover that there are places in England that are worthy of a weeklong break. The undulating countryside has become a welcome paradise and sought after space to get a real rest from routine, and many prefer a break in the British countryside to a stay on the Costa del Sol.

The epitome of Britishness is said to be in the Cotswolds. This tourist haven is still a delicately peaceful and quaint area of the country with its gently rolling hills and limestone villages. The idyllic vision of sheep on the hillside, dry stone walls and ambling ramblers is the actual vision that greets visitors to this area. As a native Britton, it can be difficult to imagine what is so good about the quintessentially English way of things. The best way to rectify this is by booking into a Boutique hotel in one of the beautiful Cotswold towns, allowing yourself to relax. Here are my top tips for relaxation the rural way.

The Cotswold town of Bath is famed for the traditional spas built during the Roman times. Bath was built around the famous hot water spring that provides a healing and relaxing mineral rich soak. The stone pillars and pathways built by the Romans are still there today and add to the authentic atmosphere of the area.

Nearby Cheltenham is also a spa town, but is generally better known for being the home of Cheltenham Races, one of the most famous horse racing days in the calendar. Be warned however, that taking a break at this time of year requires booking many months in advance and is not the right time to go to the area if you are after a bit of peace and quiet.

The Romantic Road is a little known way of getting to know the Cotswold area. It weaves through some of the most beautiful towns and villages, past churches to deliver a truly romantic experience that has inspired poets, musicians, writers and artists for centuries. This journey offers the opportunity to take a break in traditional English pubs along the way, where you can sample ales, enjoy the fresh air and warm yourself by the fire.

If you like a bit of horticulture, then it is worth knowing that the Cotswolds are just as famed for its manicured gardens and arboretums as it is for the wild countryside. Walking into cottage garden inspired public gardens is a truly romantic experience, and like walking into a novel by Virginia Wolfe. With a setting like this, it is the perfect place to make a proposal and then head back to a romantic hideaway in a Boutique hotel.

Nestled in the gently rolling hills, a romantic hideaway is the perfect place to end a busy day of sitting in a spa, drinking ale at a pub and taking a leisurely stroll through the countryside. With views so stunning, they attract visitors the world over, make the most of what is on your doorstep. Why fly to Benidorm to get burned when you can bathe in the baths of Bath and retreat to a Boutique bed for two right here in Britain?

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