Attractions Around Bath

Are you currently planning a trip to Bath? Bath is an amazing city. It has so much to offer everyone who comes and visits. There are a lot of great shops in the city and the dining is incredible. And, you will undoubtedly see great sites along the way. However, make sure you leave enough time in your travel itinerary to make it to the sites right outside of Bath. They are amazing and right outside the city. Since you are so close, you will not want to miss them. Here are a few things you should consider planning to see:

•Avon Valley and Keynsham. The River Avon flows through bath. You can take the Avon Valley Railway and see the path of the river. There is a park on the rivers edge near Keynsahm where kids like to play.
•The Chew Valley. This valley is tucked away in the shadow of the Mendip Hills. The Lakes of the valley provide a lot of tranquility outside the bustling city of Bath. The Lake is also considered an area of natural beauty.
•Somer Valleys. These valleys are located between Bath and the Mendip Hills of Somerset. Apparently the area has a great industrial heritage and was once home to mining collieries.
•Limpley Stoke and Midford Valleys. This is a setting for waterside strolls. It is also a great by for narrow boats. There are a lot of landmarks along the waterside.
•South Gloucestershire and The Cotswolds. This area is a bunch of rolling hills that has honey-coloured villages. It is very English. There are stonewalls, hidden rivers and market towns that have famous Cotswold stone.
•The Mendip Hills and Somerset. These areas are fun to visit for history and legend. There are Arthurian and Christian monuments here as well as geological landmarks.
•West Wiltshire. This area is located off the East of Bath. It is a picture perfect area that has a great heritage. There is an ancient bridge in the town that is famous and of historical significance.

You will most likely want to stay in Bath and then travel to these areas. Consider staying somewhere close to where you are interested in visiting. Or, if you are planning on staying in one of these areas for more than a day, change hotels. They have great accommodations. So, look into your options.

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