Shopping Centres In London

London being a tourist as well as a financial hub always sees lots of people coming here. Whether you are a business traveler or leisure traveler, shopping is always on the cards. You can opt for the world famous Harrods and can also go for the local shopping as the options are wide open. Few of them named randomly are:

Bond Street
This is probably the best shopping street in the world. Old Bond Street and New Bond Street together make up what is called Bond Street. The shops here are said to have exclusivity. You can find many brands like Gianni Versace, Calvin Klein and others. This street is said to have the most stylish and elegant shops. This is a dream place for any shopper.

Kings Road
In 1960, this was the epicenter of fashion. The old shops have been replaced with chains but it has still got its charm. There are many boutiques, bars and restaurants where you can shop as well as enjoy a drink or two.

Brick Lane Market
Located in East London this market opens only on Sundays from early morning to 2 pm. It is famous for bric-a-brac. Here you can buy stuffs like new and vintage clothes, shoes, leather jacket etc.

Camden Market
The largest street market of the UK has many things to offer. You can have clothes, vegetarian food and many others quality products from here. This street market is spread over whole of Camden town.

Charing Cross Road
This is one place where book lovers can be seen quite in good numbers. You can have old books from here also. Don’t forget to bargain even though it may take time but in the end you will be much satisfied.

Covent Garden
This is another market in London where you will enjoy staying. It has everything that one can ask for like street entertainment, restaurants, cafes and royal opera house. Come here to shop and relax as the ambience is tension free.

Oxford Street
This is one place which is always bustling with people especially on Saturdays. Here you will find different kind of shops like sports shop, branded outlets and fashion wears. Selfridges is a departmental store which has a huge customer base and has been serving from 1909.

Regent Street
Fashionable boutiques, restaurants, international brands and many other stores can be found easily in Regent Street. The whole appearance of this street is beautiful, with the wide pavements and awesome architecture. Hamley’s, London’s largest toy shop is also present here. Shopping here can be a treat for your kids.

Fortnum and Mason is the oldest and most famous shop here. It was founded by the grocer of King George III. You can also opt for two out of the league shops, the Burlington and Piccadilly. These two have product range from pen to sweaters. Here you can also see the oldest police force the Burlington Beadles’.

Tottenham Court Road
This is a marketplace famous for computer and electronics related products. There are few discount shops which may be worth checking and if you are lucky then you might find a suitable one for yourself. Here you can also look out for many restaurants and bars and mind you they are pretty good in their business.

London is calling you and it is the right time as it is always to visit London. Book your London Hotels in advance!

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