Why Visit London ?

When you go to London, the best time is during Summer, because there’s no snow and you will not feel chilly. When you land at Heathrow Airport you will have access to hire a taxi from there with a driver and he will get you to the very best places in London.

You can also take a taxi and go to other places that you wish to visit further afield. London is the most exciting city in the world, thanks to its 1000 years old history.

It has many gardens & museums for you to see and the first thing to do is visit Big Ben’s Tower and of course the London Eye by the Thames river which in itself has a really beautiful landscape. It is the longest river in England and measures 415 miles in length.

You can just relax and see the sights or go shopping and buy souvenirs from some of the best shops in the UK. Again London is the best city in the world both for shopping and for amazing tourist sites.

It has some of the nicest parks and gardens e.g. Hyde Park, Green Park, Battersea Park, Greenwich Park, Hampstead Park, Holland Park and many more.

Then you also have many museums to choose from, for example the Guards, Fashion & Textile, Bank of England, Museum of Garden History and plenty of others.

The concept of London is that it’s made up of tiny villages which complete the whole. Well illustrated by the famous North of London suburb of Hampstead Garden Suburbs.

Oxford Circus & Piccadilly Circus are great places to visit & they draw millions of visitors every single year. Piccadilly Circus is a rather an untidy place with lots of traffic. Otherwise it’s definitely the central hub of London’s West End and a very popular meeting place.

One more place where you must go to is The Palace of Westminster which is the crux of English Government (the Houses of Parliament which is it’s other title) is directly accountable to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Many Diplomats & Celebrities live in the St. John’s Wood area which is located on top of the West End and is a most beautiful residential area north of Baker Street.

To have a good look at the City of London try a Duck Tour on the river and the road since you will be conveyed in an amphibious vehicle ! and it is easily the best way to travel by road and also to cruise along the river Thames as well.

London is also famous for it’s very historic buildings such as Whitehall, Admiralty Arch, Queen Victoria Memorial, Wellington Arch, Bunhill Fields, Convent Garden and Duke of York’s Column and many more.

For shopping try Carnaby Street, Charing Cross Road, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Kensington and Oxford Street.

Now you have your answer as to Why Visit London !

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