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It’s time to break out the cozy sweaters and cords! Nothing says fall better than a crisp drive through the country’s best display of autumn splendor – New England.

If you are lucky enough to make it to this region of the US in September, October, and November, you can take any one of dozens of recommended fall foliage tours in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont that can range anywhere between 30 to 200+ miles. Warm, moist air from the south and cold, dry air to the north make the weather there a little unpredictable this time of year, so layers are ideal instead of packing hard cold-weather items like a parka or long johns. Style-wise, while trends are appreciated here as in any other part of the country, New Englanders seem to always maintain that sense of classic simplicity with a twist of individuality here and there, so that special key fall piece like your furry vest, tailored hat, or funky scarf are a go.

Color choices tend to be richer and deeper. Neutrals like mushroom gray, tan, beige, and black are also great options layered together or with brighter colors.

Make sure you have layers that can withstand any extreme changes as you peel each one off. Simply wearing a thin layer, like a tank or tee, under a super-thick jacket might not get you through a rise or drop in temperature between 45 and 80 degrees (yes, this can actually happen!).

Instead, opt for a three-layer plan: A thin layer of a slim tee, tank, or dress; a second layer of a light cardigan, knit vest, fleece, hoodie, or light knit sweater; then a water-repellant jacket, leather jacket, or cropped trench to pull it all together. Leggings, a skirt or fall shorts with tights in a fabulous color, jeans, or other casual pairs of pants like velveteen or corduroy have you covered on the bottom. Don’t forget your knit cap, tailored hat, or thin knit scarf for cooler days or nights.

Hopefully you will be doing some walking to truly enjoy the foliage and fresh air. Street-ready sneakers, low-heeled or flat boots (LOVE the plethora of slouchy suede styles out there!), or a comfortable pair of flats will let you cover miles (or, ok, YARDS) of enjoyment.

Although October tends to be generally clear, our rule is: You just never know! And this year’s Farmer’s Almanac seems to predict an unusually rainy forecast in October. Prepare for a random rainstorm with a water-repellant jacket (places like REI and LL Bean carry investment pieces in more tailored-looking styles), a classic rain slicker, or a great trench, which can all act as your top layer. And, if you planned it just right, wellingtons to suit your style will complete your fall rain look.

Remember that the more inland or west you go, the cooler the temps will be while the coast tends to be warmer due to the heating of the Gulf stream just offshore (the Atlantic tends to be warmer than the Pacific because of this).

Local Shopping and Designers
The Village Shoppes at Salzburg Square

A collection of boutique stores housed in tudor-style Bavarian architecture that you’d swear you were in a German forest; visit Roxie’s Fashions for fabulous finds; Amherst, NH. And don’t forget – tax-free shopping in New Hampshire!
Galapagos Boutique

An a-DOR-able old South County farmhouse filled with everything from Spanx to Hudson jeans and Alice + Olivia; Charlestown, Rhode Island.
Brass Mill Center and Commons

125+ mall stores, including H&M; Waterbury, Connecticut.
Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets

70+ outlet shops, includes Barneys New York, Banana Republic, Michael Kors, and Kenneth Cole; Clinton, Connecticut..
Ralph Lauren

Classic American style that keeps evolving.
Downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Hundreds of well-known and local boutique stores; visit Puttin’ on the Glitz for some awesome and affordable pieces that are vintage or from around the world; Portsmouth,louis vuitton en madrid NH.

Online Resources
Vermont Fall Foliage Tours

The official state website’s comprehensive guide to recommended tours.
Maine Fall Foliage Tours

The official state website’s comprehensive guide to recommended tours.
Massachusetts Fall Foliage Tours

Mass.’s Office of Travel and Tourism website with recommended tours.
Connecticut Fall Foliage Tours

Official Visit Connecticut site featuring recommended tours.
New Hampshire Fall Foliage Tours

The New England Times guide to recommended tours.
Visit New Enland louis vuitton en madrid

The best online

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