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Vietnam is the country of 4,000 years of civilization with a total population of 85,789.6 thousand inhabitants.The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi.It is a strip of land shaped like the letter “S”. China borders it to the north,Laos and Cambodia to the west, the East Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the east and south.Vietnam now is also considered as one of the most secure destinations in all of Asia and that’s the reason people are now heading towards the Vietnam travel.


Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and maximum number of people who visited to Vietnam is interested to visit Saigon which is also known as the commercial centre. Hanoi is famous for old fashioned charm, with numerous natural looking cafes in between the forest,lakeside walks. There are different beautiful lakes, if any one are fond of lakes, we can see and refresh our mind with the beauty of lakes. The Thien Quang Lake,Truc Bach Lake, The West lake, Hoan Kiem Lake are some of the major lakes to be visited. One more interesting thing about Hanoi is in the evening people crowded there to view fishing by people with bright light around, cold wind that blows everywhere.This location of Vietnam tours are the best place to visit and to have unlimited fun.


H Long Bay includes an area of Vietnam travel that is approx 1,553 square kilometer,with 1,960 islets, most of them are limestone.The central part of the bay includes 334 square kilometer area with a high volume of 775 islets.The development of the karst in H Long bay has taken more than 20 million years during the impact of the steamy wet climate. The environment of this area has formed biodiversity, comprising a tropical evergreen biosystem with its sea shore and oceanic biosystem. H Long Bay is also known as the home to 60 endemic faunal species and 14 endemic floral species.


The interesting Vietnam tours to Hue are its imperial city and the perfume river.We can view the city and flowing villages on the riverbank by boat and Buddhist pagoda and a lovely boat ride along the Perfume River will really make our day memorable.Every year the number of tourists increases three to four times as that of previous year.In addition to Hue’s imperial relics, the province has more than 500 festivities, including more than 100 traditional festivals which have been revived and promoted.
These festivals have become a special and unique part of Hue travel.


Hoi An is lying on the river banks of Thu Bon and is the best example for treading of South-East Asian port which is dating since 15th century to 19th century.From the recent record, it can be said that Hoi.An has become the best tourist destination among all other places at Vietnam. The street and buildings plans giving powerful attraction to both indigenous and foreign tourists.The combination of both is producing a unique heritage site.It was the year of 1999 when the UNESCO group confirmed the old town as World Heritage site. This is a great part of Vietnam travel.


With no fluorescent lights, no television,no motorcycles,on 15th of every lunar month, the Hoi An riverside town gives fresh life the night off.You could able to see the view of a woman at a wood-fronted shop wearing traditional dress sits and bathed in the lantern light and the whole setup is made from a general bamboo fish-trap. At the outer site, two old men are fascinated in a candlelit Chinese checkers game. Hoi An is a sleepy riverside town, located at the central region of Quang Nam.This is best place to be included with your Vietnam tours and no one should miss it.


Nha Trang, the country’s best traditional seaside resort located in Nha Trang Bay,bounded on all three sides with attractive mountains and commonly considered as the best beautiful bays in world. With colorful fish, hot water springs, and coral reefs underwater system, the city is believed to be the best locations for snorkeling and scuba diving. Cam Ranh Airport The Nha international airport is just about 40km from downtown of Trang. The most recommended time to take your tour is from the month of January to August; because the weather during these months will be ideal to take bath and have relax with much more fun.


Shopping in Vietnam is something which can’t be explained with written words,it is just the personal experience and people who have been to SAIGON must enjoyed the real a fun shopping. You will get many things from the shopping – Interesting experience, superb bargains, and the right product with right price.You will find anything that you wish for in Vietnam. There are every kind of markets such as high class supermarkets,shopping malls, bustling open market, boutiques, street stalls, open galleries, and many others. It is not suggested that you buy imported branded products such as clothing,electronics item, perfume, and other stuff from Vietnam because you could get these items with lesser price and the high tax makes these product more costly at SAIGON.This part of Vietnam travel makes you feel better and gives you superb feeling of marketing.

For tourists, Vietnam is well famous for its war souvenirs, handicrafts, art, authentic clothing, antiques and gems. This country has very strict rules about exporting real antiques. Almost all and art pieces and “antique’ sold to tourists are seen to be fake product.Ensure the product that you are buying is original and if needed don’t forget to ask for the certificates of the originality.


In Vietnamese, the Mekong Delta is known as ‘Dong Bang Song Cuu Long’ Delta or ‘Nine Dragon River’ Delta because the mighty river drain into the South China Sea through nine estuaries. Dragon, in Vietnamese mythology, is a heavenly creature symbolizing imperial power. Hence, the name reflects the importance of the region. It is one of the two ‘rice baskets’ – the other being the Red River Delta – providing half of the country’s total output. Vietnam is the second largest rice exporter to the world after Thailand. The lengthy Mekong runs from its source in the Tibetan mountains through 5 countries China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. At the delta it fans out into numerous tributaries providing irrigation channels to fertile alluvial soil they deposited over geological times in the first place. Rice, fruits, vegetables and flowers thrive on them. The watery environment are also rich breeding grounds for fish and other marine life.


Vietnam has exerted itself to be a favorite destination of more and more tourists. There’s a Hanoi elegant with friendly people, a Sapa with colorful-dressed minorities, a Halong Bay with amazing caves listed on UNESCO World Heritage. There’s a Hue romantic with palace and rain, a tranquil Hoi An where you can have clothes made in one day, a Danang dynamic by Han river. There’s a Nha Trang with best bays of the world, a Saigon busy and modern like New-York, a Mekong-delta with fascinating floating market. The North, Centre, and South of Vietnam all bear a deep cultural trace, which remains in tourists’ memories for years. With everything from mountains to seas, from cold to hot weather, from city to countryside, Vietnam tours has everything you may come up with!

Vietnam has three different regions the North, Central and South each with different weather patterns and different rainy seasons. This means that there is neither a best time nor a bad time to travel to Vietnam. Hot, summer or cold weather is not a big deal for visiting Vietnam. Beaches are always available from North to South. Sapa and Ba Na and Dalat all offer great places for cool temperature. You know that you can find your favorite kind of weather all year round! So no more hesitation while you are on Vietnam tours.

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