Brighton England What To See In Brighton

The resurgence of Brighton as a tourist center has brought renewed life to this area. With it’s recent voting as England’s trendiest city, it seems that the nickname of London on the Sea is well-deserved.

The first thing someone should see in Brighton is the Royal Pavilion. This was rebuilt during the 19th century by architect John Nash. There is a unique Indian flair to this building. There are also a number of green-lawn gardens surrounding the Pavilion. Despite the Indian-style onion domes on the outside, the inside looks to have more of a Chinese influence. It is quite a sight and well worth the admission fee (about 8-9 GBP), however, no flash photography is allowed inside. This is also a very popular setting for weddings, and many couples come here just for that purpose.

Also visit the Brighton Pier. This is a bit like Coney Island in the States, but more chic. There are several bars and lots of food stalls along the pier. There is even an amusement park with all kinds of rides and things to do. This would be great fun for kids as well as adults. Prices can be a bit high here, so if you are on a budget, just be careful! If you want to sample everything, the most economical way is to buy a pass (it is still around 20 GBP per person, not sure what the child price is). There are plenty of photo opportunities here as well, looking out to sea.

The Volks Railway is a great time for everyone. It is possibly Great Britain’s oldest electric railway. The price is reasonable also (2-3 GBP). The ride is about 1.5 miles long, running from the Brighton Palace Pier to the Marina.

The Lanes is the shopping district of Brighton. It is a relatively small area, however, you can find almost anything here! It is an area encompassed by 3-4 roads, and most of the items for sale could be classified as quirky or quaint or eclectic. There are also some good places to eat in this area. Many people I have spoken with say this is there favorite place in the world to shop!

Brighton Beach is also highly recommended and rated by travelers. It is a nice place to walk along and watch the beautiful sunsets. It is not far from the Lanes and several places to eat as well. There are also many seagulls that you can watch. Be warned, though, it is a pebble beach (not sand)! Still a nice walk.

St. Anne’s Well Garden and Cafe is a beautiful place with a great cafe and staff. In fact it has won England’s Green Flag Award, which is given to the best parks and green spaces across the country. Simply a great place to visit, look around and eat. Not to be missed.

There is so much to see and do in Brighton and Hove that it is impossible to give more than a taste here. Please, visit this area. It is highly recommended.

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