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, financial news network according to the British Daily Mail reported that, since 27 ,the British more city and region drivers queuing refueling scenes, some gas station one day a week to sell the original gas content ,dolce gabban,some places even once off the oil situation .
financial news network according to the British Daily Mail reported that,polo ralph lauren, since 27 ,the British more city and region drivers queuing refueling scenes, some gas station one day a week to sell the original gas content ,maillot de foot,some places even once off the oil situation .
Government anti strike led to panic is what causes the British people crazy grab oil ?Not oil fault ,louboutin,but the trouble .Recently, the British Prime Minister Cameron said ,the next 10 days could erupt oil strike ,car people should be prepared in advance, to prepare in the Easter period due to the strike appeared oily barren .
27, Cabinet Office Minister Maud immediately give advice ,the public should be appropriate to hoard oil , can go to the gas station with a little ,then at home store .On the same day,franklin marshall, get around news owners began to gas station to refuel, many gas station rare lined up ,some places appeared off the oil .
29, energy minister David also add fuel to the flames . .David says ,people need not because of a strike panic ,general automotive fuel tank to maintain more than 1/3 full can,air jordan, now only increases to half or even 2/3 full state .
He said : we want to own action against an error strike . On behalf of tanker drivers the interest of the British trade union organizations expressed a few days ago ,because their working hours, pay and leave the dissatisfaction with the treatment ,louboutin pas cher,the tanker drivers will strike .
Daily Mail say ,the strike time is uncertain ,probably in April 8th or 9 days begin, is expected to have half the oil workers will attend .Gas station mercy everyone a little oil, 27, British Petroleum retail association on the 5500 gas station survey ,that sold more than usual 81% gasoline ,diesel ,43% .
The same day ,Britain each big city such as Manchester ,ralph lauren,Liz ,Cardiff and other gas station appeared gasoline ,diesel supply shortage ,even the gas station hoarding canned gasoline was sold out .
Cardiff 41 years sales consultant Jones 27 days queuing to buy canned petrol gas station ,when the line to him, the staff told him he had sold out .He is very depressed : I during the Easter holidays to travel ,so want to store some gasoline ,not even think of cans of gasoline have been sold out .
On the afternoon of 27 in England, Cheshire ,a gas station to run out of inventory ,stop to provide refueling services ,staff Voight said : today we offer 3000 pounds per hour ,this is our previous week turnover .
On the same day, due to petrol vehicles too much ,Liverpool a gas station near traffic jams occur ,police had to come to the guidance .In Manchester, a gas station ,a variety of vehicle queuing ,about more than 100 vehicles ,bus ,taxi ,car ,off-road vehicle .
At the age of 22, Sara drove a BMW car in line ,meruciral vapor pas cher,she said : I don ,but the mother see on TV said ,strike may affect the supply of gasoline ,I from the gas station is very close, here also never mind .
If I strike ,this time ( queue ) is worth it . Due to the gas too many people, many gas station 28 posted a notice , begged customer moderate gas .A gas station said : Dear customer ,after two weeks of no strike ,so there is no need to put the tubing to move back home .
There is gas station said: the customers ,please add up to 50 litres of petrol ,jordan,let us leave the inventory ,later you can continue to service . Cameron to the emergency fire British Labour opposition leader Miliband said ,the government should on this shortage responsible ,because of the government proposed to play a role .
He said : Downing Street ( UK government) is proposed to give a person a kind of them should panic buying gasoline impression ,it is extremely irresponsible .Cameron and Maud should to the public apology .
The British Transport Minister Panning pointed out ,maillot foot,Maud advised people at home to hoard oil is illegal .As a former firefighter ,he said : Mo this unclear how much of an oil tank ,a full tank capacity is 20 litres ,which has exceeded the legal personal storage volume of gas .
In accordance with the law ,individual housing may not be stored more than 10 liters of gasoline .British fire Federation Matt asked Maud withdraw a proposal ,he said : it is not reasonable to suggest ,gasoline as flammable goods ,put in the home is very dangerous, if there is a problem ,is a big disaster .
It is a grab oil farce homes ,Cameron 29 days morning advised people to stay calm ,he said : I really don so grab oil . According to the BBC reports ,government asked the soldiers to learn oil rigs ,ready to strike when no oil .
However ,louboutin,Cameron does not seem to play a role, people gas enthusiasm undiminished .As the evening of 29 ,and many of the vehicles in the line outside the gas station ,cause traffic jam is very serious .
Dorset area police had to ask the local gas station temporarily closed .Gas station door in succession hang suspend business brand :customers ,www.franklinimarshallboutique.com,I am sorry to tell you ,today to suspend service .
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